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About Chabad at The Hague

The Jewish community of The Hague dates back to the end of the 17th century. The NIG (Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente) - Jewish community of The Hague has been providing the needs of the community for over 300 years.

​Chabad activities in The Hague started with periodical farbrengens in the 1960's under the leadership of the first Shliach to The Netherlands, Rabbi I. Vorst. In 1986 Rabbi Pinchas Meijers was appointed Rabbi of the Jewish community, subsequently establishing a permanent Chabad presence.

In 1994 Rabbi Shmuel Katzman joined the Rabbinate of the NIG (Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente - the Jewish community of The Hague) and continues to lead the community to this day.

Over the past 25+ years Rabbi Shmuel and Sara Katzman have been committed to leading the community and are at the forefront of its growth.


In 2021 Rabbi Mendel and Chaya Katzman joined the team to further enhance Chabad activities in the city. Their main focus is to offer programming for the youth, students and young adults, and to offer support to the Jews living in the Scheveningen neighborhood.

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