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The Jewish Community

Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente (NIG)

The Hague Jewish community provides for Jews in every stage of life. The community includes: two shuls, the CHAJ Community Center, a preschool, a Hebrew school, teen club, young adult activities, JLI classes, holiday activities for young and old, a newly renovated Mikvah, and two cemeteries.

The Jewish community (Nederlands Israëlitische Gemeente - NIG) provides the Shul services, and many other community programs and facilities. Chabad at The Hague is grateful to the NIG for the use of their facilities free of charge.

For more information about the Jewish community visit:

Shul Services

​1) Shul in the Bezuidenhout neighborhood (near Central Station)

Shabbat Service Times:
Friday night: at candle lighting 
Shabbat morning: 9:30
Shabbat Mincha: 1.5 hours before end of Shabbat

2) Shul in the Scheveningen neighborhood

Shabbat Service Times:
Friday night: at candle lighting 
Shabbat morning: 9:30

Weekday Shacharit Times:

Sunday: 08.15

Monday and Thursday: 7.30

Shul times have been updated: January 2023


Tzemach Hasadeh Daycare

Day care is available for children from 4 months to 4 years old. BSO serves children ages 4+.

For more information and to register visit:

Joodse Les - Hebrew School

Children learn about their Jewish heritage as well as Hebrew reading and writing in an enjoyable and engaging manner. For children 4-12 years, Talmud Torah takes place on Sunday mornings.

For applications or to make an appointment to visit, please call Sara +31616830236 or email:

Bat Mitzva Club:

Bat Mitzva Club! The place to be for girls ages 11-13. The Bat Mitzva Club is a fun and interactive club which meets bi-weekly. BMC prepares and provides insight into the significance and meaning of this special milestone.

Bar and Bat Mitzva Lessons:

Got a Bar or Bat Mitzva coming up? Personal tutoring is available to prepare you for your special day!

Jewish Weddings:

Mazal tov! We're here to help you through the wedding process. From study to ceremony, the Chuppah and Taharat Hamishpacha Laws, get guidance and a crash course on establishing a loving Jewish home. 

JLI - Jewish Learning Institute

A local branch of the international Jewish Learning Institute, JLI provides advance Torah education courses on a wide range of fascinating and relevant topics.

For more information and registration visit:

Sign up to the newsletter (in Dutch) here to stay updated about upcoming community events, Holiday celebrations, Torah classes, adult education opportunities and more!


The Hague is home to a beautiful newly renovated mikvah.

Please contact Sara Katzman to book an appointment: +31616830236

Learn more about the meaning and function of Mikvah here. Or contact Sara Katzman at +31616830236 with any questions.

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